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Figma Design to React Native Code

Sizze helps simplify development for teams of any size, niche, and skill level.
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Figma Frame

Create fully responsive prototypes in Figma

React Native code

Build faster with developer-friendly code

Develop with the team and release apps in no time

Consolidate multiple development and design solutions to save time and money
Easy prototyping
Eliminate the handoff back-and-forth with responsive prototypes, developer-friendly code, and continuous team collaboration.
Source code
During build, Sizze instantly generates your project's code, which you can copy and download as a Zip file with one click to integrate into your project.
Auto Layout
Auto Layout is Figma's feature for creating responsive elements for different device resolutions, which is fully transferable and supported in Sizze.
Create projects with constraints applied. Once imported, Sizze will see all design properties, including constraints, and convert them to React Native code.

Sizze has everything you need

A single tool to launch mobile apps without code

Create or add presets

Ready-made presets with built-in logic

Suitable for all teams

Implement your ideas and succed with us
I am responsible for managing a team of designers and developers who support startups in the early stages of product development. Sizze is the solution that helped speed up the work of the entire team 3 times thanks to rapid prototyping through ready-made code provided by our designers to developers.
Luca Agea
Product Designer


If you're a designer who prototypes apps, at Sizze you can turn your designs into full-featured apps by importing projects from Figma or creating them right in our editor, so you can generate more income and become a no code developer.


Mobile application developers can leave the monotonous work to us, Sizze can generate project code in real time, which you can download and integrate into existing or new projects.


If your team is developing custom mobile applications, in the editor you can find all the tools you need to speed up your work: an intuitive editor, ready-made presets and the ability to customize all the details, an intuitive drag and drop interface and code conversion.

One tool for designers & developers

Add just a few lines of code to build a complete mobile app

Create a prototype

Visual builder, easy drag-and-drop functionality, and hundreds of pre-made presets let you create app interfaces 10x faster.

Import from Figma

Bring your own design from Figma. Import your projects to Sizze and enhance them in the Editor. Turn static elements into interactive components by easily embedding videos, GIFs, Lottie and more.

Download code

In the editor, you can copy and download the source code of individual pages or the entire project. Sizze converts all Figma components to React Native components.

Figma Plugin

Export Figma frames to React Native code without losing the quality and structure of the source files with Sizze Plugin

What else you can do with Sizze

Figma connection

Bring your own design from Figma. Import your projects to Sizze and enhance them in the Editor.

Group projects

Invite your teams to workspaces to build together and share projects easily.


Easily customize details, create your own components, add functionality to elements.

Instant code generation

During the build, Sizze instantly generates your project's code, which you can copy and download with a mouse click.

Sizze integrations

Various integrations to make your mobile app flawless

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