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Sizze has a unique technique for converting your design into finished React Native code
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If you're a designer who prototypes apps, at Sizze you can turn your designs into full-featured apps by importing projects from Figma or creating them right in our editor, so you can generate more income and become a no code developer.

Sizze helps marketers to launch campaigns more efficiently as our Content Management system speeds up editorial and marketing decision-making processes.

Sizze can generate standards-compliant React native project code in real time, which you can download and integrate into existing or new projects. This will save you time and effort, since styles and correct markup is already written for you, you can improve and add logic to it to make them functional.

We are so proud of Sizziers all over the world!

The Sizze community is growing each year and we are grateful for all the warm feedback on how SIzze helps professionals with various background!
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Here’s how it works

Sizze is an easy and affordable way to build any kind of apps, publish to stores or export to the React Native code
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0. Import from Figma

Instantly transfer your finished designs from Figma projects into Sizze space without loss of quality

1. Design

Visual builder, easy drag-and-drop functionality, and hundreds of pre-made presets let you create app interfaces 10x faster.

2. CMS Collections

CMS is a content management system that allows you to create the content structures visually. Add your photos, videos, texts in a few clicks with CMS!

3. Logic • Beta

Now you can set the logic for unlimited number of functions for your app without using a single line of code!

4. Publish or Download

Directly transfer your app to App Store and Google Play in Sizze or download ZIP folder with all important files.

You can create the same

Get inspired by the dozens of projects built on Sizze and build your app with us!
24 Screens • Integrations

Booking Experiences

37 Screens • Integrations

Crypto App

12 Screens • CMS Collections

News App

14 Screens • Integrations

Auto App

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We care about your experience and have prepared a lot of materials and resources for your convenience


Sizze community is filled with thousands of people like you who learn from each other and eager to help!


Sizze academy has short videos with professional production quality and easy-to-learn documentation

Figma to Sizze

Quick transfer of projects from Figma to Sizze or a plugin in Figma community for fast export to React Native

Sizze for Developers

Sizze instantly generates your project's code, which you can copy and download with a mouse click.

Free Sizze Support

Whenever you have issues with the editor, don't hesitate contact Sizze Support team! We work for you!
If you are a designer or entrepreneurship support organization who prototypes apps, Sizze is an amazing tool to test problem / solution fit.
James Stapleton
Co-Founder, Codefi and Codefi Foundation on Rural Innovation, Inc.

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Sizze is used by more than 100,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful apps in a completely visual canvas.
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