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The Story Behind Our Vision

We are a global community, committed to empowering individuals to bring their app ideas to life without the need for coding expertise

Our mission is to erase the borders between technical and creative sides allowing you to bring the most daring ideas to reality

Nick Newman
CEO & Co-Founder
Sizze Team

Meet our team

At Sizze, our talented team specializes in creating stunning applications without the need for coding. With expertise in no-code platforms and visual development tools, we empower businesses to quickly build and launch custom apps
"Where imagination meets technology, limitless possibilities arise."
"Empowering innovation, one app at a time."
"Unlock your creativity and build extraordinary apps effortlessly."
"Transform your ideas into captivating mobile experiences."
"No code, no limits: Empowering app creators worldwide."
Senior Engineer
"Innovation made easy: Build stunning apps without coding."
Senior Engineer
"Ignite your app-building journey with our intuitive platform."
Senior Engineer
"Creating apps has never been this simple, exciting, and rewarding."

Sizze Achievements

Pioneering Team Empowerment and Simplifying Workflows

Codefi member

Our team participated in the 1ST50K selection by Codefi and was one of the three winners.

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Product of the day

Our product was the product of the day at the famous Product Hunt

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Startup Village

We won first place in the international Startup Village event

E Summit

Our company was the winner at the E Summit event in India.

European Startup Challenge

Comapny Sizze was included in the top 10 startups in Europe.

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AppSumo partner

We became a partner of AppSumo and published our product on December 7, 2022.

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5.0 Reviews Achievement

A stamp of approval from the techies that make up the Product Hunt community.

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Startup Of The Month

Sizze is Startup of the Month in the CEE by Vestbee

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You can reach us anytime via ceo@sizze.io
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