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Bars presets

All presets are located in the left panel in the “Presets” tab.

Tab bar

Tab bar is the bottom navigation menu in an application that moves the user between pages.

The tab bar consists of several icons, that is, navigation blocks, when you click on the icons, the pages will switch.

Preset settings

In the right side bar, select the pages to switch to (3). Sizze links pages and icons from left to right, so you must first select a main page and then assign the following pages in order.

After each page selection, click on Add page (4). The icons also change the color in the active and inactive phase, which you can change in the preset settings - active (1)  / inactive (2) state color.

Nav Bar

Nav bar is the navigation heading located at the top of the page. It may also contain a navigation menu for quickly moving between application pages.

In Sizze, you can make a functional nav bar out of any static element, that is, it will remain static when the page is scrolled.

Tool Bar & Search Bar

Coming soon

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