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Basic presets

All presets are located in the left panel in the “Presets” tab.


Buttons in Sizze can also be functional, open and switch to another page. Functional buttons can be created in two ways. 

Preset settings

  1. Interaction is the action that will take place after the button is clicked. Move to page means moving to another page. In order for the transition to occur, you must create this page via pages.
  2. Select page - here you can select the desired page to be redirected to. Select the desired page from the dropdown list.
  3. Webview - this function is responsible for opening external resources, you need to insert a link to a web page here, when you click on this button, this page will open.

Ready-made presets

Choose a present from the lost on the left panel. It will show up on your artboard. This preset has an external Wrap frame with indents and other presets, it remains only to change the text of the button and set the preset settings in the right panel. To open the settings, select “Button” in the layers.

Custom presets

You can create a button design from scratch in the editor itself, or you can upload a design from Figma.

Once you've created your button design, click on Create preset and select a button from the list

On the right sidebar you will find the custom preset settings.

Text presets

All text presets have an external Wrap frame with specified margins and constraints. Add a preset and change the text

Preset for creating headers

Preset for creating a paragraph

Preset for creating text

Reach text - preset for creating text with advanced settings.
This preset enables you to customize the text and add various font formats, headers and subheading. 

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