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CMS presets

All presets are located in the left panel in the “Presets” tab.

CMS - Content Management System

Sizze has 2 CMS presets - CMS Grid and CMS List. Their difference is only in the location of the content. They are designed for quick content management. 

Suppose you need to create a list of products. In order not to create the entire list manually and each product card separately, you need to do a few steps:

  1. Add a preset

  1. Create a table, connect it with a preset

  1. Fill in the table with product data

  1. Transfer the product card from the layout to the preset layer “List Item” and connect the layers to the table

  1. Make a detailed page of one product in the CMS_First_Collection tab and connect the elements to the table

All done! Now you can update the table with products and the data will be instantly displayed in your application.

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