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Figma plugin

This is a plugin with which you can copy the code of your layout from Figma, paste it into your native application and get the ready-made code.

In the Resources panel, find the Sizze - Figma plugin for React Native

Click Sign In and log in to your Sizze account.

Dev mode.

Select one frame and its code will be displayed in the plugin in the Dev mode tab.

You can copy a piece of code or the whole code.

You can do the same in the Only CSS and Only jsx tabs.

Export to Sizze

Also in the plugin you can export layouts to Sizze. To do this, go to the Export to Sizze tab, select the project to which you want to export the frame and click Export to Sizze.

The Sizze editor with the imported layouts will load automatically.

Set Presets (Soon)

In the Set Presets tab, you can assign ready-made presets to the elements of your design in order for them to become functional.

For example, if you assign a preset Button to a button, it will not just become a frame with text, but will lead to the assigned page of your application. And it will be displayed in the code. 


In the menu you will find settings and additional instructions for the plugin (Help center).

Get Access

In order for all functions to be available, you need to purchase access. To do this, click Get Access in the lower left corner of the plugin and select your pricing plan. Payment is made through the Stripe payment system.

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