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Forms presets

All presets are located in the left panel in the “Presets” tab.

Text Field

Text field is a text input, a block into which text can be entered. Functional text fields can be created in two ways. This preset has an external Wrap frame with indents and other presets, it remains only to change the text of the field and set the preset settings in the right panel. To open the settings, select “Text Field” in the layers.

Preset settings 

1. Focus background color - the color of the frame that changes when you click on the input.

2. Focus border color - changes the border color of the input.

In order for the input to work, you need to assign the input property to the text, click on the text and turn on the input property. Multiline - when active, its content will wrap to the next line, when disabled, the text will shift to the left, hiding in the input line.

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