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In this article we explain how to publish an application in Google Play. The whole process consists of two parts - creating a Play Market developer account and the Publishing itself. Let’s get started!

Before registering yourself as a developer, please make sure that you have a Google account. If you don’t have one, we will explain below how you can create it, it you have a Google account already, feel free to move on to the next part.

Creating Google account

1. Go to and click on Create an account. You can register a google account with an existing email address or with a new email.

2. Fill out the form ,enter the phone number, verification code and click confirm.

3. To create a developer account in the Play Market, you need to activate two-step verification and then click get started.

4. Enter your password and phone number, now you are logged into your Google account.

Creating a Play Market developer account

1. Go to the Google Play Console, fill in the developer form, where you will need to enter the name and contact address.

2. Go to the payment window and enter payment information, the cost of the account is $ 25 per year.

3. You need to verify your account, click on Verify ID, upload a passport and confirm. Now you are successfully logged in to the Play Market developer program.

Publishing the project through Sizze

1. Open your application and click the button “Publish to store”, “Publish to Google Play”, then select an icon or upload your own, and select the build type. We recommend choosing the AAB file, as it is the most modern file type. Save the info and click on the “Start Build” button.

2. After you see a message about a successful build, download your build.

3. Open the Google Play Console page, select “All apps”, “Create app”, enter the name of our application and additional information, then accept the agreement to create an app.

4. Go to “Internal Testing Create” - “New Release”, add the previously downloaded file and enter a release description and release tag. There are no requirements for the description, so you can write it in any format, after that save the info and click review.

5. When you hit the review button you will see an error, don't worry, to fix it you have to add a link to your app's privacy policy. Go to the dashboard tab, select the first set and select “Set Privacy Policy”, here you need to add a privacy policy link, and return to the internal testing tab. For internal testing, the privacy policy can be arbitrary, you can update it at any time. You can find the template on the internet or write it yourself on google documents.

6. After you click on “Internal Testing Edit Release” and confirm the Release review, you need to check that the data entered is correct, click on the “Start roll out'' button and click on “Roll out”, now your release has been created.

7. Great! Now you can add testers to your application. For this, you need to create a new group of testers, enter the names and emails of google accounts for which testing will be available.

8. Save and copy the link, following the link testers download this application.

9. Open the link from your mobile device, download the app and run it.

Congratulations! We launched your project on Google Play using the Sizze account! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at or our Discord channels, or reach us through Live chat!

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