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by Sizze Team

What is Chameleon Mobile App?

Chameleon is a White-label app created by It can be rebranded and customized to fit your specific need. Chameleon provides a library of pre-made components and tools for you to create custom, high-quality apps without needing to start from scratch.
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Here’s how it works

Chameleon by Sizze is an easy and affordable way to build any kind of app and publish I to stores

1. Choose an app type

Based on your idea, pick a type of app you need. Opening a store? Need an event planning app? You got it! Remove or add features from the library to customize your app

2. Add content

Customize your app to fit your unique style and branding! Add logos: You can upload your company logo to the app and incorporate it into the UI elements. You can upload your own custom images, text, video content, etc. to use throughout the app.

3. Connect Tools

Chameleon also allows you to integrate specific tools and services that you may already be using into your app. This can help streamline your workflow and improve the user experience.

4. Publish to stores

Once you have finished building and customizing your Chameleon app, you can publish it to the App Store or Google Play right away. You can do it yourself by creating a developer account or asking the Sizze team to help you out.

Everyone can focus on what they do best

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It's true that using a Chameleon app can be a great opportunity to test your business idea without requiring technical knowledge. Chameleon allows entrepreneurs to create and run interactive product tours, feature callouts, and user onboarding experiences without writing any code.

Chameleon can help small businesses improve their product adoption and retention rates by guiding users through their product and showcasing its value, which can ultimately lead to more revenue. That being said, Chameleon can help small businesses improve their conversion rates, increase customer engagement, and reduce churn.

Chameleon can be a valuable tool for enterprises looking to optimize processes such as user onboarding, feature adoption, product updates, and customer support. By providing interactive and contextual guidance to users, Chameleon can help enterprises improve user engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Cameleon can help create apps for communities such as churches, or clubs, as well as events like weddings, festivals, etc. Chameleon will help you engage with community members, control your resources, and stay updated.

Sizze is an accessible & enjoyable way to get app

By creating simple ways of getting on a new tech level, we help people grow in their businesses and communities

3 days before publication

It takes 3 days from start of the setup to the final publication in the AppStore and Google Play.

+50 business functions

Our white label has over 50 different features such as payment, online store integration, etc. to accelerate your business.

No code required

You don't need any programming or design skills to create or run a Chameleon app. Everything is already prepared in one application



Unlike our competitors, who charge an average of $20,000 to develop a mobile app, we make apps affordable: one app costs only $300 a month.

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