Presets are the “bricks” of your future app and it is essential to learn their functions. At Sizze you will find dozens of presets that are unique in their own way and play a crucial role in the app building process. Learn about them in the video tutorials below.


Presets are the essential elements necessary for building your app at Sizze. There are different types of presets and each is intended to fulfill a particular goal. For example, “giphy” enables you to insert any gif from “Youtube” gives you an opportunity to broadcast any video on Youtube by adding the link and choosing the titular preset. Finally, the cornerstone of building the mobile app is learning how to insert “Nav Bar” and “Tab Bar” as these two presets are necessary if you want to build a functional app. Please look through all of the presets presented on the right side of the screen.

You will find a series of videos on how to use ready-made and custom presets. Eventually you will learn how to turn static elements into interactive components using presets.  Each tutorial takes up to 2 minutes of your time, but they are essential for your development as a “Sizzier”. 

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