Film App

Film App

If you ever wanted to create an interesting Film app with the panel for articles and reviews this lesson is made just for you!


The Film App is the perfect idea to put your creative ideas into action!
All you need to do is to watch the list of videos you see on the right!
But, if you don’t feel like watching, we’ve prepared a short description of the videos.

However, we recommend to watch all of the videos as they give more detailed explanation so that you can build an app effortlessly!

Here’s the quick wrap-up of the main things discussed in the video on the Film App building.In order to create the Film App we started off with importing the design from Figma. Then it is important to implement layers and actions. We also used the presets, such as Tabbar. Next using the CMS we connected data, such as pictures and even a Youtube video. When our application was complete we tested how it worked by previewing it in the editor itself. Try it out yourself!

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