NFT is all around the world and if you want to be informed on the latest updates in the NFT community, then learn how to create NFT app with SIzze!


Building a NFT news app is a very easy task. All you need to do is to watch the list of videos you see on the right.
But, if you don’t feel like watching, we’ve prepared a short description of the video.
However, we recommend watching all of the videos as they give more detailed explanations so that you can build an app effortlessly. 

Here’s the quick wrap-up of the main things discussed in the video on the News App building. 

First, let’s start by copying the design from Figma. Then we’ll need to create a CMS list and insert all of the necessary data in the “data” section. Make sure to fill in your first collection and type in the required information. Work with layers and apply the autolayouts. Make sure to add images and the text to your CMS list. Make sure to add your gif to the app. You can do it by copying the link to the gif from the the app by making the buttons functional and customizing the design of your app. When your app is ready, you can review how it turned out by clicking on the “play” button on the top right corner.

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