Presets guides

Contact button

This is a button preset by clicking on which the user goes to the contact source: Email, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

Button contact can be created in two ways: from ready-made presets with a ready-made design, or you can make a custom button in Sizze / upload a ready-made design from Figma.

Ready-made presets

To use the button template, go to presets - find the button contact from presets and click on it. The contact form template design will be inserted automatically in the artboard.

Custom presets

In order to bind this logic to a static element created in Sizze or Figma, prepare a design, select it, click create preset and select the contact button from the list.

Preset settings

The menu of this preset will be displayed in the right side panel, here you can insert a link to the resource to which the transition should occur. It can be a link to Instagram, Facebook and more.