Presets guides


Lottie is an animation library built by Airbnb that renders Adobe After Effects animations in real time on Android, iOS and React Native.

Thanks to the possibilities that Lottie animation provides, it is not surprising that such well-known companies as Google, Elevate, Uber, Walgreens, etc. use this technology.

Lottie animations will help you liven up your design, so Sizze has prepared a ready-made preset so you can easily insert it. There are two ways to embed lottie into a project.

Ready-made presets

Ready template in the left side menu in the presets section.

Custom presets

Custom design created by you. First, draw a frame, select an element, then click on Create preset. On the right you will see a sidebar with a variety of presets.

Preset settings

You need to select the Lottie preset and paste the link to the animation in the field. You can copy the link on the Lottie website by opening the element you need.

In the loop settings, you can enable or disable animation repetition.