Sizze Method

At Sizze, we strongly believe in the magic of software. We understand that the quality of software is a result of the talent and passion of its creators. Our core principles revolve around bringing back the right focus to software development. These principles serve as the foundation for our work and continually evolve as we strive to deliver exceptional solutions.

Core features

Predefined set of fundamental functionalities that are readily available for use in our template. These features serve as the foundation for building an application and provide essential capabilities to ensure its basic functionality.

Additional features

Refer to the development of extra functionalities tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of your business. These features go beyond the core set and are designed to enhance the application's capabilities and provide unique value to your users.

Publish and support

Involves the process of making the application available to the public, either through app stores or the web. Once published, ongoing support and maintenance are provided to ensure the smooth operation of the application, address any issues that may arise, and periodically update its components to introduce new features or improvements.