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The League of Sizziers is a collection of 500 hand-drawn characters from the 2000s, made with love and respect for the IT world. Each NFT, created inconsistently and provably unique, gives you the opportunity to become a member of Sizze community.

The Story

At the beginning of the 2000s, CEO and employees of giant tech companies decided to team up to create something that would help develop applications faster. They came up with the idea of “no code” to give people a chance to develop products without programming knowledge.​​

The first no-code products were released - Wordpress and Shopify. After their success, tech influencers realized that no-code could help corporations save money on hiring programmers.

But among the CEO-founders of the no-code movement, there was one person - Jasper Shelton - who realized that the idea of ​​​​no-code is much broader than just saving money. This is an opportunity for absolutely anyone, even those who are far from the IT world, to implement ideas and fulfill their dreams.

Jasper went to a campus in California to find like-minded students. And it paid off, because soon he met Kevin, Ariana and Drew, who became the first to enter the group - the League of Sizziers. It was the beginning of the nocode era, the League of Sizziers began to work tirelessly to promote their idea. Of course, like all students, they wanted to earn extra money, but at the same time they decided not to limit themselves to corporate rules.

They didn't wear jackets and ties, their principles were freedom, accessibility and speed.

The League of Sizziers decided to pay tribute to the time when revolutionary technological ideas were born - and created 2000 unique nft’s in the spirit of that time.  


The first 500 technology lovers who bought a subscription to Sizze will receive a digital drawing of characters from the Sizze League as a gift. For the remaining NFTs, we set the minimum price at 0.01 eth. All characters are special, but some are less common than others. We hope to find a decent home for them on the OpenSea, perhaps you will become the happy owner of these unique nfts.

Technical specifications

Each Sizzier is unique and programmatically generated from more than 50 possible traits, including clothing, background, facial expressions, etc.
Sizziers are stored as RS-721, taken on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted in IPFS.

How can I get NFT for free?

In order for us to give you nft, you need to complete two steps: buy a subscription to Sizze and write to us on discord with your Opensea account details.
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