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Make your app dreams come true with Sizze's app prototyping capabilities.
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Here’s how it works

Sizze is an easy and affordable way to build any kind of apps, publish to stores or export to the React Native code

Design transfer from Figma

Sizze integrates with Figma to transfer design layouts, eliminating the need to recreate elements manually.

Actions, Data, Presets. All in one.

Sizze provides drag-and-drop tools to create functional elements, databases, and logics with ease, even for users without coding experience.

Publish or download code

Sizze offers flexible publishing options, allowing users to download finished code or publish directly to app stores like Google Play and the App Store.

Everyone can focus on what they do best

Sizze is a platform that helps designers create interactive prototypes and developers turn them into functional apps.

Share prototypes with your team

Transferring a design from Figma to Sizze can help designers create a more functional and user-friendly application by using Sizze's prototyping features and additional design tools.
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We are so proud of Sizziers all over the world!

The Sizze community is growing each year and we are grateful for all the warm feedback on how SIzze helps professionals with various background!
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Begin your project with an already completed design.

Make your app dreams come true with Sizze's app prototyping capabilities.
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Sizze: the no-code platform that turns app development into child's play.
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With Sizze, you can easily create custom presets for your app's elements, allowing you to reuse them and save time on future projects.
Sizze allows you to test your app on a real device, giving you an accurate representation of how it will look and function for your users.
Sizze generates real code for your app's elements, allowing you to copy and paste it into your project for further customization.
With Sizze, you can create collections for your app's content management system (CMS), making it easy to manage and organize your app's data.
Sizze allows you to invite team members to collaborate on your app project, making it easy to work together and streamline the development process.
Sizze offers a library of pre-made elements and templates, allowing you to quickly and easily add functionality to your app without having to start from scratch.
"Sizze was a game changer for my team as it helped us turn ready-made layouts from Figma into a functional app quickly and easily, without any coding. This allowed us to focus on other important tasks and ultimately resulted in increased revenue."
Sarah Lee
Business Owner
Sproutly Group Inc.
"Sizze's no-code platform has significantly accelerated the coding process for developers like me. It offers a quick and easy way to turn design mockups into functional app, allowing us to work on multiple projects simultaneously and deliver them ahead of schedule. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their coding process."
John Smith
Frontend Developer
CodeHive Inc.
"Sizze is an incredible tool for me. Its Figma-like interface allowed me to quickly draw an app design while maintaining full customization and design flexibility. In addition, the platform's ability to bring together designers and developers with similar design interests and goals made it easy to collaborate."
Emily Johnson
Product Designer
ByteBridge Inc.
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