Figma Plugin

Convert design to code with Sizze plugin

Develop with the team and release apps in no time

Consolidate multiple development and design solutions to save time and money

Here’s how it works

Sizze is an easy and affordable way to build any kind of apps, publish to stores or export to the React Native code

1. Set elements

Easy and simple interface directly in Figma to turn static elements into functional elements

2. Code

Convenient code view mode with the function of opening, closing and fast moving between classes

4. Launch App

Download complete files with React Native code and run them instantly in your projects

World-class conversion quality

Sizze Plugin is specially prepared not only for professionals, but also for beginners who can easily turn their ideas into real applications


The logic of page transitions and animations

Set Presets

Transforming static elements into functional elements


Transmit all screen stretching settings

Flex Structure

Auto Layout mode converts to adaptive layout


Saving the logic of scroll blocks


All your components will also be converted into code components

You may find it helpful to

We care about your experience and have prepared a lot of materials and resources for your convenience


Sizze community is filled with thousands of people like you who learn from each other and eager to help!


Sizze academy has short videos with professional production quality and easy-to-learn documentation

Sizze builder

Simple, incredibly convenient and fast editor for quick visual creation of mobile applications

Sizze for Developers

Sizze instantly generates your project's code, which you can copy and download with a mouse click.

Free Sizze Support

Whenever you have issues with the editor, don't hesitate contact Sizze Support team! We work for you!