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July 21, 2022

Creating apps have never been easier - Learn how!

Mobile application development with Sizze.

Today mobile apps have been integrated to our daily lives to such extent that we can’t imagine our lives without them. In this world where mobile apps take up such a big part of our reality, it is not surprising that the process of creating mobile applications gets more innovative each year. Hundreds of startups from all around the world strive to make the process of building mobile apps as convenient as possible. transforms the stressful process of app building into an easy and enjoyable journey where everyone - from small business to individual customers can publish an application in weeks. 

There are three simple steps of app development with Sizze. Each step is unique and understandable for anyone. Let’s look at some of the basic steps: 

  • Design

It’s crucially important to design the project and add all of the necessary features to make sure that the app creation process will go smoothly. Luckily, Sizzie enables you to convey any ideas to the working mobile application. 

When you will open the editor you will see the page's already created and all you need to do is to click on the "Presets" tab. Now you can choose any preferred preset and each of them is functional. Our library provides various templates that you can use to create an application. You can also be creative and come up with your own presets. Detailed instructions on presents can be found in our Sizze Academy.
Also, you can import projects from Figma and all of the initial settings will be kept in the editor and converted into code. Moreover, you can make them more functional by applying “create preset”

  • Connecting Database 

The next important step is adding your data to the application. If you already have a dataset you would like to import, Sizze grants you an opportunity to import any dataset from API. Important to notice, that there are no limits. In any case, there are already built-in datasets in the Sizze editor that are welcome to be used. 

  • Publishing

Finally, there is an opportunity for you to publish your apps in stores such as Google Play and Appstore. There is an opportunity to publish an application through Developer Account in Appstore or launch an app on Testflight. In order to publish the mobile application, all you need is your id (Google Play or App Store) and your preferred icon. You can find more information by clicking on this video that gives you a detailed overview of the "Publishing" feature.

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