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Export frames to React Native code without losing the quality and structure of the source files.
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Tailor-made features

Now you can turn your design into real functional components or take advantage of connecting data from Firebase to your layouts with our algorithms.
Auto Layout
All components assembled in Auto Layout mode turn into elements that are easy to use for building dynamic flex elements and connecting backends.
We have developed algorithms to adapt layouts for all application screens. Just add the constraints property, and you will see how easy it is.
Scroll and grid
Create dynamic content directly from your prototypes. All you need to do is write properties to elements, and you'll get results without any coding.
Functional components
Our code allows you to export components such as Tab bar, Nav Bar, Segment Control, Text Field, Radio Button, Toogle, Dropdown
Data connection
The Sizze service will provide the ability to connect data from an external API or Firebase collections
Cross-platform solution
Our code is adaptive to the structure of iOS and Android platforms, which significantly speeds up the app launch process.

React Native

We use a time-tested framework that allows to create highly loaded native apps with a large number of open source libraries


Sizze apps are compiled according to the feature-sliced ​​methodology, which greatly simplifies testing and increases the speed of the app

Important about the code

You can use Sizze code to create a new app or integrate into existing project

Connecting libraries

We connect all the necessary dependencies of the libraries used to make the integration faster and easier.


Sizze project routing is based on the use of the React Native Navigation library, which is integrated with the Nav Bar elements

Component modules

We allow not only to customize functional components, but also to export their code, adapting it to the project structure

Export fonts and images

Our code is integrated with the google fonts library and react-native-svg, allowing you to unload any interface elements without losing quality

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