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Pixel Perfect

Create designs with pixel-perfect accuracy. The Auto Layout features help you organize your components and align elements quickly.


Easy Publish

Pixel Perfect

Download any project in a ZIP archive and see how easily it works in your code.

A different Sizze for everyone

Create a mobile app in three simple steps

Create a prototype

Visual builder, easy drag-and-drop functionality, and hundreds of pre-made presets let you create app interfaces 10x faster.

CMS Data

Easily create a database with Google Sheets or Sizze spreadsheets.

Publish to store

Deploy your app on Testflight and publish directly to App Store and Google Play in Sizze

No-code, levelled up

Security by default, always
Everything is stored encrypted in your account, and nothing confidential is tracked. You and your personal data remain anonymous.
Easy-to-use process
The editor's interface is designed in such a way that the process of creating any apps becomes a great pleasure.
Incredible editor speed
Sizze is built natively to be faster, lightweight, and efficient. Every action is optimized for speed and accessibility.
Learn once, remember forever
A huge number of different tricks, shortcuts, and tutorials that you can easily look up in our materials.

Digitize handwritten code

Creating an App by hand is time-consuming,
Sizze helps you do the work without writing any code.
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What else you can do with Sizze

Figma connection

Bring your own design from Figma. Import your projects to Sizze and enhance them in the Editor.

Group projects

Invite your teams to workspaces to build together and share projects easily.


Easily customize details, create your own components, add functionality to elements.

Instant code generation

During the build, Sizze instantly generates your project's code, which you can copy and download with a mouse click.

Sizze integrations

Various integrations to make your mobile app flawless

Build your own

Do not limit yourself to a ready-made kit, you can create any component you want, your customization is endless.
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