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We are experts in

Our creative experts are focused on visualizing an intuitive and engaging application that is in line with the specific platform and the latest UI/UX trends.
We develop applications using Sizze technology to instantly convert designs into React Native code, which significantly reduces development speed and allows us to develop cross-platform applications.
Business strategy
We help businesses conquer the market by delivering original and customized software. Based on the needs of the project, the target audience, the functionality of the application and the budget, Sizze develops competitive applications in the market.
Market research
Before we start the development process, we conduct thorough market research through digital strategy, industry analysis, user research, journey maps and discovery workshops.

Satisfied customers

Project Owner of Opera
“Sizze is a great product for people who don't know how to develop own App. It was not easy in the beginning, but I quickly got the hang of it thanks to tutorials and examples.
Thank you a lot!”
CEO of Homester
Professional team that has made a unique and useful product ! Thanks to Sizze we were able to quickly create an MVP for our project and move on to the next stage of development. Thank you! I recommend !

Finished projects

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Stack technology

We use popular development stacks in the current market which allows us to increase the competitiveness and viability of the applications we develop.

How we work


We work openly and provide you with all the development information in real time, give progress reports and ensure a friendly relationship with our business partners.

Results Matter

Sizze works exclusively for the result and makes great efforts to meet your expectations. We work until we get a wow effect.

All over the world

We are open to cooperation from anywhere in the world. Our team of professionals works seamlessly with clients from any country and time zone, establishing a maximum comfortable environment for mutual cooperation.

Personalized approach

Every project is valuable to us. We provide a development approach tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each client.

Focus on

Native Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers can build high-quality native apps for both Android and iOS systems aligned with your business and security requirements.


We collaborate with your team and use various tools to make our processes more efficient. You pay for quality and that's what you get from us. We guarantee maximum support and involvement while working on your project.

Development speed 

We are a team of experts who create applications in the shortest possible time. Our technology helps us reduce development time to an average of three months.

Custom Projects

100% tailored to your specific requests. We do not use ready-made templates or user interface kits that do not suit your specific needs.



We invest heavily upfront in defining features based on your desires, vision, and requirements for your application. Before proceeding with development, we create a detailed document with technical requirements and descriptions. According to your budget and needs, at this stage we provide you with a suitable proposal, which allows our team to know exactly what success is, and you to have an idea of the final result.
2 weeks
Product Manager,
UX Research
Formal scope doc


We divide the development process into smaller stages, each of which contains a specific set of results beforehand. After each milestone, we send a detailed real-time progress report and share the results for you to review so you can make sure everything is going according to plan.
1-8 weeks
PM, Designer, Developer, QA specialist
Fully functional app


This review period is for you to confidently run your application. During this period, you can test every aspect of your app and note any issues we need to fix before launch. During the review, we run a test version of the application on Testflight, and when you are ready to launch, we will deploy your application and transfer full ownership of the intellectual property so that everything is under your control.
4 weeks
PM, Developer
Live app on your domain


After completing the initial build, we will make sure that your application works and develops effectively. We are ready to provide you with free technical support after the launch of the application.
PM (+ team as needed)
Iterative launches

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