What is not imported to Sizze?

Sizze is a great tool which can help you save a lot of time, 

1. Firstly, you need to make sure that your layouts don't contain complicated Figma effects in your layout like Blur, Gradient, lots of Shadows (Sizze supports only one shadow per element).

2. If you change the size of the text in one text field or underline it, then in Sizze the text will be displayed unchanged and in the same size.

3. All complex layouts must be inside a frame. We recommend that you first create a frame and attach an auto layout to it, since auto-layout without a frame is not uploaded.

4. Sizze editor doesn't see groups, when importing the editor it will automatically turn everything into frames.

5. High-resolution images load slowly. The more compressed it is, the better it will be uploaded.

6. Too complex structures. The simpler the layout structure, the better your project will be uploaded, the cleaner the code will be generated.

7. Some changes in the photo in Figma, such as contrast, color correction, will not be displayed in the editor. It is recommended that you first save the photo with the changes, and upload it to Figma again.