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Since Sizze allows you to turn the mobile app creation process into continuous collaboration, designers can use Sizze to create fully responsive prototypes that look and work exactly like the finished product (no coding required), on the other hand, developers can use these projects and export them into developer-friendly React Native code. Instead of writing a user interface from scratch, they can focus on logic and architecture.


When you click on a selected element or a group of elements, you will see how the code is automatically displayed in this panel.

1. The left sidebar gives you access to the Code panel, where all design elements are automatically converted to React Native code, which can be copied or loaded immediately.

2. At the bottom of the Code panel, you can find the Download Zip button, which downloads the code for the entire project, regardless of which item is clicked.

Sizze Figma plugin - Export Figma designs to React Native code | Product Hunt