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Adding Elements

To create custom elements you need to use the left side toolbar where you can find 5 types of tools.


Is a tool for manipulating with the elements by dragging, selecting and moving them. 


A container that allows you to create more complex structures by nesting one element into another or combining elements.

Creating elements: 
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts F 
  • Select the frame tool in the toolbar
Select the frame tool in the toolbar:
  • Click in the canvas to create a default frame with 50 x 50 dimensions
  • Click and drag in the canvas to create a frame with custom dimensions
Nest frames within other frames:
  • In Sizze, you can create frames within other frames. We call this process nesting. This allows you to combine frames with different properties to build complex interfaces.


while selecting this tool a default text is inserted that you can customize later. Text properties can be found in the right sidebar.


You can insert any type of images like png, jpg, svg using this tool.


The tool hand is used to move the page on the canvas area.

You can also insert our pre-made presets on the left sidebar.

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