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You're reading a comprehensive guide to the Sizze editor. What is Sizze. Sizze is a platform that allows you to design mobile apps and turn them into React Native code that you can download as a zip file or publish your app to stores.

With a variety of intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, you’ll be able to bring your mobile app from idea to launch quickly. Whether you want to start with pre-made designs from Figma  or build from scratch, Sizze allows full customization.

Sizze helps you create custom apps in 3 basic steps without any coding skills. The biggest flex of the Sizze editor is that it allows you to publish your apps right on the platform. In this documentation, you will dive into the basics of no-coding with us and learn how to bring your ideas to life in a short time. 

Sizze Figma plugin - Export Figma designs to React Native code | Product Hunt