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Publishing to Testflight

To publish the application, you can choose one of the publishing options, individually or from Sizze's account.

The application publishing process consists of three steps, registering to the Apple Developer program, connecting the Apple Developer account to Sizze's account, and the final step is publishing itself.

Let’s get started!

Apple ID registration

You can create an Apple ID Account on the Apple ID Page

Apple Developer registration

You can create an Apple Developer Account on the Apple Developer Page which costs $99.

Connecting the Apple Developer account to Sizze

1. In the Publish settings, click on the file to download an individual CRS certificate. A CER format file will be downloaded to your device.  

2. Login to your personal account and create an iOS distribution certificate. When creating, upload the certificate from step 1.

Then download the certificate. The certificate can be downloaded ONLY ONCE.

3. Create a Push Notifications service (APNs) profile key. You can view it at any time. When registering a key, an input field will open for you to enter the name of the key, you can give any name to the key.

At the end of creating the key, you must download the P8 file. It can only be downloaded ONCE. 

4. Sign in to your Apple ID, go to application passwords, create a new password, for this you give a name to the password, after which a 16-digit application password will be generated.

You must save this password, it can only be copied ONCE. 

5. Go to Sizze's account settings and click on publish settings.  

1) Enter the Push ID of the P8 file that you created in the third step.

2) Upload the CER file from the first step. 

3) Upload the P8 file itself. 

4) Enter your Apple ID.  

5) Enter the 16-digit code from the fourth step.

6) Enter the Team ID that you can find on the top right corner of your Apple Developer account.


1. Create an Identifier certificate

  • Select App Id's and select the App type.
  • You need to enter a description, it can be anything. 
  • You can name the Bundle ID as you wish, but it must be in the reverse URL format, we have shown this in the screenshot below.

2. Create a profile certificate.

  • An important point: in the Distribution section, you need to specify the App store.
  • In the Select an Apple ID section, you need to specify the Bundle ID that you previously created.
  • Download the certificate. It can only be downloaded ONCE.

3. Create an application in the App store connect service.

  • To create an application, you need to click on the plus sign next to Apps.
  • Select IOS.
  • Enter the name of the application and select the language.
  • In the ID package, you must select the Bundle ID that you previously created.
  • SKU is the short name of the application.
  • Select full access. 

Final step 

  • Go to Sizze, open your project, click on Publish to store, select App store.
  • Enter App ID, which you can find in App store connect - all apps - general info - app info - apple id item.
  • Enter the Bundle ID that you previously created.
  • Mobile provision profile - this is the certificate from the second step of Publishing. 
  • App icon is the icon of your application, if you upload the icon yourself it should be without the Alpha channel in PNG format. 
  • Save info in this modal window and click on Publish.
  • Well done, your app is uploaded to Testflight, processing time may take 2-5 hours.

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