We're improving our Sizze all the time. Follow the latest updates.
Bug fix

2 May Updates

🔥 We’re improving Sizze 2.0 everyday!

- Added an element disclosure in layers when selecting it in the editor;
- Fixed the error of copying text from block to block;
- Fixed a bug in the example project preview;

Bug fix

27 April Updates

- Added project preview
- Optimized Z command cancel hotkey.
- Fixed a bug with text alignment when re-entering the project
- Optimized code conversion for Android and IOS, the markup has become more universal
- Added favicon to editor


21 April Updates

⚙️ We are pleased to inform you that we have completed work on the following updates:

- Added Google authorization to the Figma plugin;
- Fixed a bug with renaming the page;
- We’ve added the ability to return canceled actions;
- Now users can duplicate an item from the top menu;
- We’ve added undo action and undo action return buttons in the interface;
- We’ve fixed a bug with viewport positioning when the page is reloaded;
- A new feature has also been added: when publishing, the user can add any icon, the alpha channel will be automatically removed from it.

April 19, 2022

19 April Updates

🌿Find the fresh updates: 

- We added the ability to expand the element along the left and right edges of the parent element;
- You can now use the spacebar hotkey to move the viewport.
- The top left menu was created;

Bug fix
April 17, 2022

17 April Updates

⚡️We've fixed some very important features in the Editor, check it out:

- Changed the grid of projects;
- Fixed a bug with Command + C and Command + V;
- Fixed a bug with project previews;
- Added plugin authorization in Sizze 2.0 by email;

Bug fix
April 16, 2022

16 April Updates

🔥 Check out what we managed to fix today:

- New fonts have been added.
- Optimized work with Auto layout when unloading from Figma (now internal elements are movable).
- Optimized work when entering by click.
- Fixed a bug with replacing pictures inside Figma Auto layout files.
- An issue with unloading scrolls from Figma has been fixed.
- New sample card layout.
- New visual project loading screen via Expo.
- Changed the color palette.

Bug fix
April 15, 2022

15 April Updates

- Cross-browser adaptation of the right menu (fixed input offset, display of lists, removed display of the scroll bar).
- Page deletion function has been fixed.
- Feature loading from Figma images has been added.
- Returned the community tab.
- Added a list of sample projects and the ability to apply a cover to them.
- Removed the ability to narrow the canvas to less than 320.
- Changed screen size label.

Bug fix
April 14, 2022

14 April Updates

🚀 Everyday we improve our technology to make Sizze the best product it can possibly be. Meet our updates:

- We fixed the Command+Z shortcut when converting and resizing elements from Figma presets and files.
- Now, after a request to publish in TestFlight from Sizze, a notification will be sent to the superuser by mail without errors.
- Fixed a Deployment Portal for Builds https://build.sizze.io/admin/.
- Fixed a bug with adding icons in svg format and their categories to the database. Added the ability to upload them to the server from the Django admin panel.
- Markup of billing information for the user who bought the subscription.

April 6, 2022

The first release of Sizze 2.0

The long-awaited release of the second version of the editor. It includes:

- Publishing the app in the AppStore and Google Play
- New editing mode
- New format for adding a database
- New presets

And 100 more items

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