We're improving our Sizze all the time. Follow the latest updates.

October 24, 2022

- work was done to optimize and increase the speed of the editor's interaction;
- added the function of alignment relative to neighboring elements when stretching;
- added the function of calculating the distance to neighboring elements;
- the ability to share a project via a link has been added;
- optimized collaborative editing when working with cms tables;


August 15, 2022

- Added button for instant creation of a new project from Figma;
- Added new Grid preset;
- Added an option to move the rows within the cms collection;
- Added application of hotkeys inside the cms collection;
- Updated the React Native algorithm with font unloading to the application;


August 5, 2022

- Added visualization of frames unloading from Figma file;
- Fixed bugs when copying CMS sheet;
- Added canvas scaling and moving canvas with touch pad;
- Opened community projects;
- Added new example projects;


July 30, 2022

- Updated developer mode (class names translated into Camel Case format, updated code display, removed unnecessary style attributes in unloaded code);
- Added cms display in Play Mode;
- Improved code copying algorithm;
- Bug fixes while creating cms list;


23 July 2022

- Fixed errors in autolayout and constants when applying to presets;
- Added export of frame from Figma plugin into Sizze project;
- fixed algorithms of presets export through play mode and QR code;
- Changed default preset colors;
- Fixed falling into preset layers
- Fixed update of page list when tab bar was created;
- Added default names of nodes when adding presets;
- Fixed bug with deletion of page or cms table;
- changed names of column types in cms table;
- added new line of Sizze plans;
- duplicate projects bug fixed;
- bug with negative values of frame width or picture width (which led to a fatal project error) was fixed;
- Smooth expansion of viewport screen and elements inside autolayout was implemented;


15 July Updates

- Changed structure of Sizze plans;
- Fixed defects with LEFT AND RIGHT constrain for presets and text blocks;
- Improved hover algorithm on elements;
- Transferred cms table to Sizze server;
- Improved algorithm for adding Presets;
- Added Play mod to display the application interactively in the web version;


9 July Updates

- Added Developer Mode for simplified work with code;

- Opened a separate server for logs and user errors;

- Optimized work with presets;

Bug fix

22 June Updates

- The error of copying example projects was solved;

- Fixed renaming layers bug;

- We returned the unloading of fonts from Figma;

- Switcher validation algorithm has been implemented;

- Default input colors is updated;

- Returned the ability to create an input for all users (not just the super-user);

- Solved a bug with hanging the same preset in a row on different forms

Bug fix

21 June Updates

- The problem with duplication of the project is solved, the transition to the copied project is optimized.

- Optimized zip archive upload and project viewing via QR code.

- Optimized loading of images when loading a project, now there is no need to reload the editor page.


9 June Updates

- Bug fix with the creation of CMS page and CMS details page;
- Opened presets: YouTube, Video, Lottie, Gif, Slider;
- Added unloading fonts from Figma via the Google Fonts API

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